Patient's heart at your fingertips

Any patient can now be kept under full surveillance.

Wireless, Bidirectional Data Flow

Wireless internet has changed the way we get driving directions, deposit checks, and other once time-consuming tasks. But medical facilities haven’t yet fully taken advantage of the power of wireless data flow to save time and improve standard of care. BioSigns is working to change that.

Remote monitoring of patients is enabled by wireless, bidirectional flow of information between the individual patient monitors and the BioSigns Monitoring System. With BioSigns, clinicians can:

  • View continuous vital sign measurements, both at point of care and through distributed viewers
  • Configure patient-specific alarm limits to reduce alarm burden
  • Automate vital sign capture in electronic medical record
  • Receive and respond to alarms on a mobile device
  • View trend information over any period of time

Designed to Support Your Interoperability Strategy

We know that you don’t have time to change your existing Wi-Fi, records and other systems to fit a new telemonitoring system—instead, our technology works seamlessly with what you already have. Real-time data from BioSigns devices can be sent to a hospital’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Distributed Alarming System, and related middleware engines. To increase convenience and enterprise portability, the system is also designed to receive patient demographic information to associate patients with BioSigns devices.

Develop applications and databases for clinical research and reporting

BioSigns helps medical facilities improve their standard of care, but we’re also valuable to researchers. Our systems’ easy access to data makes it simpler for medical researchers to view, analyze and make use of data from the trials they conduct—whether it’s on just a few or hundreds of subjects.

BioSigns Gateway Access API enables you to cost-effectively develop custom applications that support in-house clinical research projects. You will be able to consolidate and export information to management systems and databases for data analysis and reporting. The BioSigns API developer’s toolkit makes it possible to interface with third-party and custom applications such as intake and assessment systems.

Data access tools enable you to customize the presentation of clinical data, via either a sophisticated Application Programming Interface (API) or an easy-to-use utility that exports ASCII text files for legacy systems. All of this makes our technology essential to research applications.

Telemonitoring of every life, every moment, every day.